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17 diciembre, 2021
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22 diciembre, 2021

Literary contest on El Metro

Literary contest on El Metro
Editor: Jaider Monsalve Valinor19
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María Fabiola Gómez López
Activist Colombia with principles

Reflection on the impact of backpacks with unnecessary items in the Medellín metro wagons

Have you ever wondered if you are a good neighbor when you enter a metro wagon with a backpack full of unnecessary items?

Actually, this is a vitally important question as it relates to the common good of people who have the same right as you to have their own space during their journey in this massive system.

When you do not reflect on the importance of the question posed above, you are not favoring the common good of the people who travel with you and therefore you are not a good neighbor with them.

A good neighbor is the one who reflects on whether his words and actions affect the common good and reflects on this because the idea about the importance of putting himself in the other person's place and seeking their well-being for a healthy coexistence is firm in his mind and in his heart.

When you do not think, before leaving your house, if the items that you are going to carry in your backpack are really going to be used and you end up carrying unnecessary items in it, then when you enter a wagon, your backpack will occupy a space that may be occupied by another person, you are going to make other people uncomfortable and even you yourself are going to feel uncomfortable carrying so much weight on your back and your spine is going to be affected.

Not only do wearing a heavy backpack with unnecessary items affects the well-being of others, but also your behavior in the management of your backpack. When you make sudden movements or hurry up from the wagon when you get to your destination, you hit the other people and make them uncomfortable and that has nothing to do with respect, civics and with being a good neighbor.

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Literary contest on El Metro: Reflection on respect for the integrity of others in the metro wagons. Image courtesy EBV